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I had a bit of a nap after my swim and woke up at about 7:30pm. Screw it, I thought, I don't care if I've got no one to go out with, I'm going out. So I got changed, and put on a bit of makeup and headed down into the town. My first stop was the Starbucks on the harbor, I sat outside drinking my Java chip Frappuccino and looking and the beautiful harbor all lit up. I then went for a walk over to Bar Street, the name isn't really bar street, but I have no idea what the actual street name is and if you ask a local for bar street, this is where they send you.

I was actually thinking I might get a new tattoo, and I sat in one shop debating it for about half an hour, the price was good, I just needed to go away and think about it before having a picture slapped on me for the rest of my life. I decided to go and have a quick drink at Jimmy's to think about it. Quick drink, geez you never know what a quick drink will turn into, especially in Kusadasi.

I sat at the bar and ordered a Long Island Ice Tea and stuck up a conversation with the barman. I finished my drink and asked if they actually had Jack Daniels (knowing its always in short supply here). I love Jack Daniels, the barman said, Do you want to have a shot of Jack Daniels with me? Silly question, of course I want to have a shot of Jack Daniels with you!

I sat there chatting with him for a bit, before actually recognizing someone who worked here when I was with Fez. Crazy cross eyed dude is still here, and still doing the same trick with the wine glasses! He asked me if I wanted another drink, Surprise me, I said. He didn't seem to understand what I meant, and went to get the other barman who I had been chatting to. Surprise me he did, whatever drink he made me looked like it was about to climb out of its glass! Despite having its own personality the pink concoction he made me actually tasted quite good.

I finished that one off and the guy I had been chatting to asked me if I wanted another one, In for a penny, in for a pound I thought. Now you surprise me, I said, looking at him and thinking actually this guy is actually really good looking. This new drink was still pink and not quite as strong obviously made by a professional…and definitely came with a pink heart swizzle stick. Smooth, I thought. Things were starting to pick up in the pub and a few more people had turned up. The music had gotten better andSexy and I know it by LMFAO had just come on, so just like old times, I got up on the bar and started dancing. I can't believe I'm doing this again I thought.

The good looking barman eventually helped me down after about five songs and somehow I ended up on the other side of the bar with him. I'm not sure how it happened, but I ended up kissing him. Then another good song came on and I ended up back on the bar again. Then I was back behind the bar kissing the barman, then crazy cross eyed dude told us to Get a room, which made me laugh hysterically as he couldn't even understand surprise me!

We went out the back into the store room and made out some more before I heard Dirty by Christina Aguelira come on and race out and back up onto the bar. I got down and said, in my now drunken slur, Sorry I had to dance to that, she has the same name as me! Kristina? The barman said. Yeah! I said. My name is Kaan, he said. I just realized that I had been making out with this guy all night and I was only just getting a name now.

And on it went for the rest of the night, dancing on the bar, trying some new cocktail, kissing Kaan until about 4:30am when I realized how hungry I was having skipped dinner. I told Kaan I needed to go out and get some food, We close in half an hour, he said, wait and I will take you somewhere and then we can go back to your hotel room. You know what, I would have loved to have taken Kaan back to my hotel room, but I looked him in the face and said, I'll go out and get food and then come back in half an hour and get you and we'll go to my hotel room. I lied.

I'm not sure why I lied or why I didn't just take him back to my hotel room. I think I'd had such a good day, I didn't want to push my luck, especially as drunk as I now was. So I sighed and climbed into a cab, telling the driver, Grand Onder please and that was that.

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