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I was woken abruptly this morning for breakfast at 2am. The bus jolted to a holt and the driver yelled forty minutes! I got off and realized how cold I was, I know better than this I thought, I really should have had my jumped with me, not in my pack. I actually bought a cheap blanket to use on the bus, it was so cold.

I bought myself a chicken kebab, for no other reason than this allowed me to stand next to the kebab machine and keep warm while I ate. After our stop I got back on the bus and crashed out again. I woke myself up just before Nevsehir and got off the bus with Gabs, I was then told I didn't need to change and got back on the bus. Turkish bus drivers, I tell you!

We arrived in the small beautiful town of Goreme at 8am and Gabs and I wandered around aimlessly for a bit attempting to find our hotels. Hers was much easier to find than mine, which was up a steep hill and down a narrow alley. When I arrived, the proprietor was nowhere to be found, so I waited in reception for about half an hour before being shown to my room where I crashed out for a bit. The room was awesome too, three beds and it was a traditional cave room, from a tree house to a cave, only in Turkey.

After my nap I went out for a look around, horrors! Pacha bar, my favourite pub in the world, is now a balloon shop. Can things get any worse? I decided to pay a visit to the Moulin Rogue souvenir shop, I know Zafer the owner is in South Africa, but I decided to go see who was around anyway. I met Han, who is looking after the place for him and found out that Erkan, who owned Pacha bar is also working here. Finally, I'm going to see someone I know from the old Fez days!

Erkan showed up at about 12pm and I sat and chatted with both him and Han until I decided I was tired again and went back to the hotel for another nap. That's the only problem with these night buses, you save a nights accommodation, but you spend the next day tired out of your mind. I did go back to the hotel, via Fat Boys pub and found another face I recognized, Yilmaz the owner. There was a brief, I know you….yeah I know you too, thing going on for a bit before he sat down and chatted to me for a bit.

I went back to the hotel and went to bed until about 7pm, Erkan had invited me back to the shop for dinner. I walked around for a bit before showing up, its Ramazan here and I know Erkan wouldn't be able to eat until around 8pm so I showed up as close to that as possible. We sat outside the shop and had Pide for dinner and talked about old times. I told Erkan I had never done a balloon ride, and jokingly blamed him for getting me so drunk at Pacha bar which made both of us laugh.

The guy in the sheesha place across the way, was attempting to set up a huge flat screen TV, Erkan and I watched his efforts until there was a loud bang, a massive spark and all his power went off. We both completely cracked up. It's so nice to be able to sit here and have a laugh with someone, I said.

Erkan said he was just thinking the same thing. The tourists here these days apparently don't smile at all while they are on holidays, and of course I have the same problem in Eastern Europe, where everyone seems miserable.

I stayed out with the guys until about 11pm, before going back to my hotel in the dark and getting slightly lost in the alleyways, which in itself is always an experience. I eventually found my cave and crawled inside and passed out.

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