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I was woken today by our departure at 5am and the pulling up of the anchor which seemed to go on forever. Just like the night trains in Eastern Europe and the madness that goes on at the borders, I couldn't go back to sleep. Finally, after what seemed like forever, we were underway and I actually fell asleep again.

I woke up and we were going along at full pelt and I was laying on the bench in the full sun. I got up feeling more than a little disorientated, seemingly to have rolled out of bed and onto a boat in the middle of the ocean. Our first stop today was the town of Kalkan, or rather off shore from it where we all swam and had lunch….and I made friends with the Captain.

Captain Antonio, (sounds so romantic doesn't it? No that's not where this is going) was one of those older Turkish guys, I would guess, mid forties, who still seems to think he's in his twenties and god's gift to women. The captain insisted on following me around and kept making me pose for pictures. I thought I would humor him for the time being and deal with it later if he got any more impetuous.

We left Kalkan and headed for the small town of Kas, where we disembarked for around two hours. I spent less than that wandering around the town that I had visited at least six or seven times in the blinding heat four years ago. I did managed to get up to the Kings tomb, an impressive Lycian sarcophagus perched at the highest point in the town, but I spent the majority of the time looking in shops and eating orange callipos.

I boarded the boat a half hour earlier than required and people started to trickle back in. I was sitting at the back relaxing when the captain brought up the suggestion that tonight we should go out together in the zodiac (small boat being towed behind the gulet) alone. He was really persisted, so again I just said ok, just to make him go away. What the hell is he thinking, as if I'm going to go anywhere by myself with him. A thought stunned me, that if he thought he could get me to do this, surely he must have had some success with other girls on these cruises. Some people just have no standards.

Upon leaving Kas, Captain Antonio asked if I would like to drive the boat. I said No at first, but I had been watching him do it all day and it didn't seem very hard. So I got up behind the wheel and proceeded to try to get a hang of the controls. As I expected, it wasn't that difficult, you just need to give yourself plenty of room to turn when steering a 50 ft wooden boat and you also need to be careful of large rips. A few of those took me by surprise, but I managed.

The Captain, again took loads of photos of me driving, and I put my music on the sound system. It was AMAZING driving a huge yacht along the treacherous Mediterranean coast, a place where so many ancient ships had gone down, with the wind in my hair, listening to, Carry on my wayward son, by Kansas. The only instructions I got, were Follow that boat, pointing to the gulet in front of us. The captain was frequently at the front of the boat, or joking around with the other passengers, definitely not keeping an eye on me and my driving. Butch came up and asked me if I was enjoying it, definitely, I said. I was actually chatting to him, until the captain came and basically chased him off. I was now starting to get really annoyed.

At one point I lost sight of the yacht in front and it seemed like I was going to run aground. Serhot, another one of the crew assured me I was going the right way, as at the last minute, a crevice appeared in the land, and what looked like solid land mass became the coast and a nearby island, called Kekova. I steered the boat into the bay, through a maze of small channels, it was a miracle I didn't hit anything and somehow I wasn't worried at all. The captain came back to the helm and asked me where I would like to park, I pointed to a nice secluded little bay and he parked her there.

I went up to the front of the boat to a hail of applause, Nice driving, Butch said. Nice driving? Wow, I never thought I would ever hear those words directed at me! All in all I had driven the yacht for about two hours and had gotten us safely from Kas to Kekova. Think I will definitely get a boat license if I ever decide to go back to Australia.

Now we were parked in a beautiful bay for the night, I decided to go over the edge for a swim before dinner. The water was quite strange, with really cold patches and really warm patches, which generated a lot of Who peed in the pool? jokes. I finally found the answer by tasting the water, the cold water was far less salty and must have been coming from a spring on the island.

I got myself out of the water and back on board, I noticed that Butch was helping the cook with dinner. So I poked my head in the little window to the kitchen and said to him, You're cooking, I'm driving, maybe they should be paying us. We both laughed at that

Dinner was a BBQ, and I stood and actually talked to the captain, with a few other people around and had an Efes and shared one of my Cubans with him and Butch. I lit the cigar on the BBQ and got called tough girl. Must admit I did like that. Butch wandered off and left me with the captain, who again started on about going off tonight in the boat, alone. I just walked off at this point, why do people have to spoil everything? Up until then I had been having a really good time. Now the captain was starting to remind me more and more of Pepi le Pew, chasing after the poor cat who has been unlucky enough to have white paint spilled down her back, completely oblivious to the fact that the poor cat wants nothing to do with him.

After dinner I sat and chatted to people for a bit, with the captain constantly badgering me to go off in the boat into the darkness with him. He must be mad, I thought. I eventually said, No, I really don't want to, I'm happy where I am. I climbed onto the roof of the boat and called dibs on a mattress, it wasn't long before everyone else started to go off to bed and Butch climbed up and thankfully claimed the bed next to mine. Neither of us was actually tired just yet, so we sat there looking at the stars and talking about the best night skies we'd ever seen on our travels. Turns out we were both in Africa at the same time in 2010 and Butch had actually been travelling ever since. I don't know at what point we stopped talking, but eventually we both passed out under the stars.

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