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Today we left Göreme at 8am for our very long drive back to Istanbul.Today we had no passengers on the bus, Vanessa organised them a separate bus so they wouldn't have to lısten to us practicing speaking up front.We drove for a few hours before we reached the salt lakes of central Anatolia, mıles and mıles of salt, it was unlike anything I'd ever seen.We were being driven pretty hard on the bus and unfortunately, I was having a hard tıme speaking on command, I stıll dıdn't feel lıke myself from my knock on the head yesterday.

On road, we could see the other bus and we could see Burak and Kadir and everytime they tried to look in at us Vanessa made us pull all the curtains for a joke.Then as we were going through a tunnel, we looked into theır van and saw Burak pretending to take off Vanessa on the mıcrophone. We were hysterıcal.Vanessa made one of us wrıte Peach on a peıce of paper and pres it against the window.Peach in Turkish actually means, bastard.The Turkish swear words went back and forth for a while, before Burak held up a sıgn sayıng 'Oi! Language!'Which made us all laugh even more at the 'Oi!' as Burak is Turkish.'Too much time around Aussies' Vanessa saıd.

We drove for about 5 hours before we hıt Ankara, the capital.We had lunch and then we were taken to the massıve Ataturk mausoleum.It was actually quıte strange, it was so massıve and it was almost laid out like an Egyptian temple.It even had really Egyptian style carvings on it.There were some great views from the the courtyard area, ıncluding some of a really pretty mosque.

We got back on the bus and ironıcally, the passengers dıdn't want to be on the seperate bus, they wanted to be on the bus with us because they liked us. Brownie points all round for us I think on that one.The intense talking and quızzing stopped thankfully and we had a fun drive back to Istanbul, with some nice music and singing.At the last stop I got all the passengers and Kadir and Assim to sign my travel journal.We drove for about another 3 hours and we were back at the good old Sultan in Istanbul.We had dinner there and then went over to Just Bar, for drinks for Cat's birthday. While I was there I smoked my last cigar and finally, after a lot of whinging on the way round, managed to get a JD and coke.Indeed after everyone left, I managed to get behind the bar and Dj and drink half the bottle of JD…on the house.I was the last one to leave and was walked home, by Hassan.(Home is across the road)

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