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Two days off in Olympos what to do?Absolutely nothing sounds good to me.Just hung around the place I guess, played some good drinking games in hangar bar night before last, flip cup rules...managed to get one Jack Daniels with my book of complimentary drink tickets so that rocked.Went to the beach during the day...lounged around a bit more...I explored the Lycian ruins on the way to the beach, which were just about empty which is how I like my ruins.So I had a great time getting lost in the ancient city of Olympos.I walked back from the beach, listening to Frank Sinatra on my Mp3 player and eating a calippo, marveling at how good Olympos is.

Spent yesterday on the net quite a bit and then went up to Hangar Bar and lounged around writing for a while, before Tım invited me to go to the beach with some of the Olympos crew.So we got in the rickety old Kadir's Tree Houses Bus and off we went.Most of us managed to avoid paying, and only three of us are staff.We walked up the beach and met up with Chris and Owen from the night before...they are both Irish and looked very sunburnt. We spent the majority of the time throwing rocks at each other and being pretty immature, which was great. Until someones float-able bed blew down the beach and Tim ran after it and jumped on it while it was in the water. He then became a moving target for the rock throwing.Owen one of the other Irish guys then

grabbed it and jumped in with his clothes on and paddled right out to sea.We threw rocks at him too, while he was paddling out to sea he screamed back at us, 'You'll pay for this Captain Planet' which cracked us up.We walked back and I managed to eat two Calıppos on the way and Janie got this half rock melon stuffed with chocolate ice cream which was amazing.

I met up with Brıdget who had just got in and with Rachel and Brett and had a beer and then dinner.I played cards a game called shit Head for a bit with Kerry, Bridget and Ali, then ali did this weird card trick where he held out the cards and managed to get me to pick the Queen of Heart every time!I went off to bed and now I am off to Egidir today!

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