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We leave Turkish night at 12pm and head straight for Pacha Bar...I love Pacha Bar and it would seem Pacha Bar love me right back. I walk in the door with my crew and am immediately given a free beer and AC/DC is immediately put on by the Dj, followed by all the music I love. Pool is also free and I have fun with that too, as well as free Jager Bombs!The night wares on and the girls decide to go back to the hotel, one of the guys who works there is out with us so he walks them back. I stay, an am given these funny red shots in weird glasses that you can't use your hands to drink, this gets very messy. I also meet a nice Canadian guy called Orion, strange name, but cool. I spend the rest of the night hanging out with him.

We end up leaving together and go cause mischief about the place. I managed to convince him it was a good idea to go for a swim in the pool at Shoestring Cave Hotel (the only hotel in Cappadocia with a pool!) and then refused to go in myself...ha ha.In the morning I felt quite the worse for wear and managed to get up to make sure everyone got on their tours ok. I then went on the internet for about 2 hours, I've finally discovered web cams and they rule...mean I get to see people I miss heaps...its not the same but it'll have to do I guess. I go back to bed for a short nap and then go for a walk to Kose Pension where the Scottish lady who owns the place makes real pies! I waited around for a bit and fell asleep on the cushions on the floor. Man, it was the best pie ever. I went back to the hotel and went back to bed, before preparing for the overnight bus trip back to Istanbul.I picked everyone up and we left at 8pm. We had a dinner stop at 9pm which we didn't really need, again and then the driver started falling asleep at the wheel. Now this is the only part of the trip where I am actually allowed to sleep and I couldn't because I had to make sure the driver stays awake. I am glad when we finally reach Ankara at midnight, as chaos reigns in the streets as Turkey has just won the Euro World Cup Semi's.

Last time I had been in Canakkale for a win and you couldn't move on the streets and people were jumping from ferry's into the Dardenelles, now I was in the Captial! Oh well, at least it woke the driver up a bit.

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