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I woke up today on the roof of the boat, in the sun again and jumped straight into the cool water, straight into one of the cold patches, which really woke me up. After breakfast, we headed for the sunken city of Kekova, which wasn't nearly as impressive as I thought it was going to be. There were a few crumbling ruins on the hill side and traces f foundations in the water. The captain gave us no information, so it was up to yours truly to do it, even though I'm on holidays. People were actually coming up to me and asking for an explanation, talk about living the job.

We passed the city and called in at the small island of Simirna. We loaded up the small boat and headed for the shore. Butch, Candice, Claire and I climbed up to the small fort at the top and then spent the majority of the time sitting in a café, using the Wifi. Butch then decided he was bored and gave Claire all his stuff and then proceeded to swim back to the boat. Wish I'd not brought all this stuff, I said to Candice, I'd swim back too. She told me to give it to her and she'd take it back for me.

I climbed down and jumped into the water and proceeded to swim the hundred or so meters back to the gulet. It was quite a long way, but the water was very salty so almost no effort had to be made to stay afloat. It was quite choppy though and I had to keep a look out for other boats as I had to swim out of the island's harbor. Once near the ship, I found Butch who was at the front of the boat and we made a game out of trying to climb up the anchor chain. Once we both realized it wasn't going to happen, we swam around and chatted again, mostly about travelling. It is so nice while I'm on the road, I can always find someone to talk to about travelling without being told I'm boring.

I was glad we had swum back to the boat, as it took the rest over an hour to get back from the island. Ah Turkish time, how I've missed you. We eventually got underway again and ended up in another small bay, this one was probably the most beautiful of the lot. Tonight's activities included the great turtle chase of 2012, when someone spotted a sea turtle off the port bow and about half of us jumped in trying to get close to it. I think in the end the turtle was probably just having a laugh with us and thinking Stupid tourists.

The after dinner swim consisted of me and Butch, trying to sit on an inflatable dolphin, that was obviously for kids and failing miserably, and then refusing to accept failure. During our game the captain came up to us on the small boat and somehow I got conned into getting into it with him. I kept saying, No, I can't get up into the boat from the water! Yes, you can, Said Butch encouragingly. Butch I'm going to kill you later, I thought.

The captain took his chance and sped off around the cove and into the open sea with me, obviously showing off and trying to make me squeal. Did you pick the wrong girl, I thought. I'm not scared of you and your childishness. He asked me if I wanted to on to another cove. Take me back to the boat now! I said, and to my surprise he reluctantly did. After it go dark he tried again, No, I'm tired, I said. At which point he had some kind of childish hissy fit, which I ignored. Mate I've got more experience at dealing with the antics of Turkish men than you could possibly imagine, I thought, thinking of my at times, childish Turkish bus drivers. Well, all accept my Assim of course.

I again slept on the roof, I listened to music and looked at the stars while the others watched TV on Rich's laptop. Eventually, Butch, who was already next to me went to bed and Rich climbed up on the other side and went to sleep on the other side of me. Feeling well protected I finally let myself go off to sleep.

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