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Olimpos. How could so much change and yet still be exactly the same? I started out wanting a full two weeks in this place, thinking that even that wouldn't be enough. The past few days have all kind of meshed into one long day of chilling out, with nothing overly significant to report. I will write about the few things I did do.

I have spent a lot of time at the beach, this being the main focal point an activity of each day. It takes about half an hour to walk down there in the blazing heat, you pay to go into the archaeological Lycian site which you have to walk through in order to get to the beach and then you find yourself a spot on the stony shore.

Being on this beach again, surrounded by beautiful green cliff faces dotted with remains of old Lycian forts was surreal. I have a picture of this beach that I painted on my wall, which I probably spent so much time looking at and fantasizing about. It actually felt like I had wished myself into the picture and I couldn't believe I had found myself back here again.

I did manage to get out one night to the Hangar Bar, I'm always of the philosophy that someone always adopts me when I go out on my own and tonight was no exception. Only tonight I was adopted by this Turkish guy looking to pick up, the main issue with this was that conversation was almost impossible with my virtually non-existent Turkish and his terrible English. Most of our time was spent in uncomfortable silences.

I did make a new friend, an older guy named Mustafa from one of the cruise companies. I sat outside his shop chatting with him and drinking Efes until the early hours of one morning, which I'm sorry to say was one of the best parts of my stay in Olimpos, before he started suggesting that I should be his girlfriend.

All in all not much else to report and if you read the other entries from this destination you'll realize how truly sad that is. After about three days I couldn't wait to leave, a place where once I could have quite happily spent a lifetime. I can't believe how different the place is after just four years, I probably never should have come back here and just left it as the perfect memory that I clung to so desperately. I fear that I am now left with a kind of closure I never wanted.

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