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On the way to Cappadocia we visited a large city called Konya, which is the religious capitial of Turkey and is where the Whirling Dervishes come from. We had lunch here at a ncie little Pide place and then we went to visit the Mevlana museum. Melvlana is the guy who started the whole whirling dervish thing. Did you know it isn't really a dance? Its an attempt to get closer to god through that whole dizzy feeling you get from twirling.

The museum was pretty cool and we got to visit Mevlana's tomb also. We did another one of our characterstic inspections at Hotel Ulusan and wandered around being shown all the bits and peices in the city. We left Konya, on The Silk Road. We stopped at a run down Caravan Saryai, which had this strange lake behind it that apparently gets fed from an underground water source.We then stopped at the largest Caravan Saryai on the silk road, which was absolutely spectacular and deserted to boot. Nigel and I managed to climb right up the central tower in the middle, even though the stairs were quite harrowning. We got to the top and Paul took our picture peaking out of the window. The back of it was all vaulted and very dark, which was kind of eering, being that the place wasn't full of tourists. We left the Caravan Saryai and continued on to Goreme.

It was an amazing site seeing all the formations all lit up at night! We got into our place, Shoe string Pension, which is a real cave! Can you believe I've gone from sleeping in a Tree House to a Cave in the last three days? We were all pretty tired and the guys at the hotel cooked us a BBQ over a wheel barrow, which was really nice.Despite how tired we were it didn't stop Nigel and I going out to the pub with Vanessa and Burak. Vanessa left quite early and I played one of the guys there at pool for a bit and cheekily marched myself behind the bar and began going through the Dj's music. It wasn't long though before Burak also wanted to leave. I really didn't want to leave, but I was dragged from Pacha annoying.

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