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What a horrific experience these two "days off" have been in Kusadasi!Firstly today, I went on the Priene, Miletos and Dıdyma tour, which you would think me being me would have loved...hated.Don't get me wrong the ancient sites were absolutely amazing, but we got 45 minutes at Priene, half an hour at Didyma and the same at Miletos!Now these places aren't just a pile of rocks as I've heard some people say about Troy.Theres much to see here.The theatre of Miletos is basically on par with Rome's Colusseum!The temple of Apollo at Didyma made me feel the same as I dıd at Karnak in an ant.

Now while they gave us such short a time at the places we had actually come to see....they made us sit in this hot over crowded un air conditioned restaurant, which was packed with tourists, in some of the worst heat I've ever experienced for 2 hours!We also sat around in other cafes and such for more time than we spent at the ancient sites.At the end of the day they let us go to the beach at the modern town of Didym, which I can only compare

to a smaller Oludiniz, crowded, poky and full of British package tourists.Now of course we had all brought our swimmers for visiting the ancients sites! Not!So most of us were forced to walk around this shittty little town for two hours, I actually went looking for the Otogar in an attempt to get back to Kusadasi with out them!I have no idea why they took us all to the beach, because of course theres a beach at Kusadasi where we were all staying!On the way back they wanted to take us to a bazaar but we all protested so strongly they took us back to our hotels.

Once there I decided to take my passengers out to Jimmy's to watch the Euro cup match between Turkey and Germany.Joe was also in town and took his group also.After the match which unfortunately we (Turkey, don't you love how I'm calling myself Turkish now lol) lost, my group and I got out of there as the crappy music immediately started.Nigel and Jaunita and I managed to end up across the road at the tattoo parlor going through the books.Nigel wanted one and asked me what it was like."I'll get one and

show you if you want." I said, "You won't do it" says Nigel.... So I get into my hotmail and download the tattoo I'd been wanting since I was 16 and had them stick it on the back of my neck, with Joe passing me beers.It kind of picked up the night.

The next day I hate to say I spent sitting in the office here sorting out problems, which I won't go into as I'm sick to death of repeating myself over and over to the absolute idiots who work in this office.Anyways off to Koycegiz tomorrow hopefully things will get better from there.

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