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I had a much needed sleep in this morning after all my running around all over Europe. Don't get me wrong, I still woke up at 6am expecting an alarm to go off, but I looked at my phone realized where I was and blissfully went back to sleep and woke up at 10am. When I got up I unpacked a little and did some washing, of all the things to do on an island paradise.

I decided to take it easy today, so I went down to catch some rays at the hotel swimming pool. The pool was framed by white walls and brick elements in the shape of horseshoes, there were purple and pink bougravilliers everywhere and it was the most wonderful setting to just relax.

After spending the morning attempting to even out my tan I decided to go to one of the beaches at a place called Perissa. On the way I stopped for lunch at a lovely little café, where I was served by a man of about sixty, he was tall and skinny and seemed a bit on the quiet side. When I left, he asked me where I was going and proceeded to tell me exactly which bus to get on and on what side of the road it would arrive.

I waited nearly two hours for a bus that according to the timetable, was supposed to come every half an hour! Oh well, this is Greece and just as I had told my clients in Italy to chill out when things went wrong by saying, Smile, this is Italy, now I told myself, Relax, your in Greece. Everything takes a long time and things move as fast as the passing of time in this ancient land. So I waited in my lovely surroundings in the heat for the bus, which eventually turned up to take me to Perissa beach. I think I spent an equal amount of time at the beach as I did waiting for the bus.

Once at Parissa beach I paid for a deck chair and set up camp. Perissa beach is spectacular, with its black volcanic sand and it is surrounded by the face of the caldera, which from the bottom in the water seems to rise up to infinity. I swam in the refreshing blue sea and sunbaked for about two hours before catching the bus back to Karterados, where I witnessed another beautiful sunset, this time from my own balcony over the wonderful little town I'm staying in. The sun set in front of the tiny little blue and white churches, with their bell towers catching the rays and the sunlight, making the white domes change colour and the blue domes turn dark. I sat outside and watched the spectacle for hours, feeling like I was the luckiest girl in the world and feeling like I could sit there forever.

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