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Today Harry and I went off to Meis from Kas to do our dodgy visa run so we are both able to live and work in Turkey for another three months. We got on the Meis Express as 10am and it only took us half an hour to get over to Meis, which oddly is a Greek Island and is the same as leaving the country even though you can see it from Kas.

We got there and charged straight off the boat into a cafe and ordered bacon and eggs, Harry hadn't had bacon for three months and because of my trip through Morocco it was even longer since I had it. I also had real flat toast and a real chocolate milkshake. You really don't realise how much you're going to miss the little things when you go somewhere that totally alien to where you're from. I didn't even realise how much I'd missed bacon until I tasted it. It was so good, after I'd eaten it I just wanted to curl up and go to sleep. Ok enough about pork products...moving on.

Harry and I went off for a brief bit of exploring before deciding it was too hot and Harry opted for a beer in a cafe, while I swam. The water was the most amazing blue and I actually swam right across the Islands harbour and back again. I then went off to do a bit of exploring on my own and actually ended up hiking up a mountain in the heat, where I found a random Lycian Tomb, which I explored. I went for another swim in the clear blue water with no one around and just floated on my back for ages enjoying the serenity. I also hiked up to the old fort on top of the mountain and took some pictures of the less visited part of the Island before hiking back down.

When I got back down I bought a bottle of Jack Daniels at duty free to help stock up the boys at Pacha Bar in Goreme. The Jack Daniels came with a harmonica, which the boys at Pacha Bar are most certainly not getting! I'm going to annoy the boys at Olympos with that tonight! Harry and I also managed to find a random gum tree and picked some gum nuts off it to throw at Tim later tonight.

I got back on the boat early and had a bit of a sleep, before being joined by Harry who had bought himself a large bottle of Rum and a carton of Dunhills which he proceeded to chain smoke. We got back to Kas and I went back to Ani Pension before jumping on a Dolmus and heading for my beloved Olimpos!

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