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Oh what fresh hell is this?

Today started out like any other morning, where I'd be off to Tallinn on the 10am bus. I walked some of my passengers down to the bus station while others got taxi's. The bus turned up and they wouldn't let most of us on. What a nightmare. It turned out that they hadn't put my credit card through properly over the internet when I had booked the tickets. I let the two passengers who had been allowed onto the bus, go to Tallinn and gave then instructions to wait for me at the bus station when they arrived.

I marched down to the bus companies offices, the woman behind the counter was trying to figure out what had happened and kept saying to me, We sent you a text about it. I showed her my phone, I had received no such text. She kept going around in circles, until I said, look, bottom line, I have to get these people to Tallinn, what are we going to do about it?

The only solution was to buy new tickets, I thought, the office can figure it out later if we have been charged twice and they can sort it out, that's their job. The next bus didn't leave for two hours, so I marched back to the bus station where I had left my now group of ten and told them the news. They were ok with it, thinking, (luckily for me) that its all part of the adventure. I told them I would sit and mind the luggage if they wanted to have a wander around. So I sat there for two hours and watched The Big Bang Theory on my laptop. Funny, I always say this, but its amazing what you can get used to. Five years ago I would have panicked to be in a situation like this, but not now, I was fairly calm about it, sorted the problem out and carried on.

We eventually boarded our new bus and drove to the Russian border with Estonia, a border which always freaks me out. We had no trouble, but had to queue at the Estonian border for about an hour. We finally arrived in Tallinn at about 7pm, and I collected the other two passengers who were patiently waiting at the bus station for me. I took the group to our hotel Tatari 53 on the tram checked in and then had a bit of a break.

After about an hour I met up with everyone and walked them into town, we all opted not to do the orientation walk after our little adventure and instead went to Mad Murphy's for dinner and a beer. Well earned after today I think!

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